Super Why not?

A few months ago, we finally got around to signing up for Nexflix.

Hey, 2007 called.  It wants it's tv watching options back.

Anyway, it opened up a whole new set of tv shows for the kids, which I took full advantage of.

As I was scrolling through, looking for a show to babysit engage Cooper for a little while, I came across SUPER WHY! We had never watched it before but it looked promising, so I turned it on.

Cooper was hooked IMMEDIATELY.

He watched the first episode, eyes raptly glued to the screen, no movement, no sound.  It was a magical place for a four year old wiggly boy to be.

When the episode ended, it took him a few minutes to shake it off, then he looked around, startled, and realizing what had happened, my mild mannered, easy-going little guy demanded, "ANOTHER. NOW!"

So I did what any great, self-respecting mama would do.  I turned on another.  Then another.  Then another.

And so the day went.  He sat, totally entranced by Wyatt and his adventures and only acknowledged my presence when he needed something - "SNACK!" he would yell.  "DRINK!" he would shout.

This behavior was so out of character for my normally lovey-dovey, chatty, snuggly kid that I just gave in to it, mainly out of fear curiosity about where it would lead.

He was totally, thoroughly, completely consumed by this show.  I have no idea where he gets those tendencies.  No idea at all.

At some point during the day, I felt sort of bad that he had been sitting, staring at the tv for so long, so I tried to lure him away from it.  "Hey, Cooper," I said cajolingly.  "Wanna go outside?"  This is guaranteed 99.9% of the time to get a positive response.

"NO!" he growled.  "WATCH!"

Oh.  Okay then.

Finally, after episode ohdearIhavenoidea he drifted off to sleep, so I quickly turned the tv off. When he woke up, we went on with our day and it seemed like maybe he had forgotten it.

Until later, when he walked up to me and said seriously, "Mama, I love to spell.  S-P-E-L-L.  Can I watch my show now?"

Oh.  Well I guess you can then.  Any time kid.  Any time.

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  1. Yeah this just happened to me with Downton Abbey. Now if you'll excuse me, I just woke up, it's time to go see what my friends at Downton are up to.

    1. So far I have managed to stay out of Downton Abbey's wily grasp. I am planning to give it a go as soon as I have about a month to devote to it - like when the kids go off to college or maybe I could get lucky enough to break my leg and be couch ridden for a while.


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