Meet MJ

Hi.  I'm mj.  That's me in the photo up there.  I'm the one in the green shirt, in case you couldn't tell.

That's an exact representation of me, by the way.  I'm pretty much almost always covered up with these boys who live in my house.

See, here's what happened...

A while back, I quit my more than full-time job as a bookstore manager for a major chain bookstore (the good one, not the one that sucks) to be a stay at home Mama to my boys - zj who is five, and cj who is two.

So now I sit on the couch all day with these boys on my lap and take pictures of myself with my iPhone.

Really.  See?

That's what we do.  All day long.

Also, sometimes I smile.

Just not in photos.

Oh, and I know a lot about books, and I read whenever I can manage to lock myself into the bathroom for ten minutes as much as possible, and I drink a lot and I love to cook, especially things that contain liquor, and I've recently taken up running, and I drink a lot and sometimes I blog.

Also, I'm a redneck from a long line of rednecks, and once I almost got to be on a tv show due to my less than stellar family tree.  True story.

So there you have it - wife, stay at home Mama to two funny little boys, cook, housekeeper, wanna-be writer, and possible alcoholic recovering bookseller.

Thanks for dropping by my little corner of the virtual world.  

I'd offer you a drink, but I'm fresh out of vodka at the moment.
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