Dressed for success.

I've mentioned time and again that I'm not so much a fan of shopping for clothes, and that I'm certainly no fashionista.  I like jeans, t-shirts with superheroes on them, and my running shoes.  It's comfortable, practical, and that's that.

Zachary tends toward comfort over fashion, too, and his preferred outfit is nylon running pants, a stained white t-shirt and no footwear of any kind.  He also has a prolific selection of sleeveless shirts that he would like to wear all winter long.  My one and only ongoing battle with him is that I will not allow him to wear ripped up sweatpants to school, which apparently puts me in the "meanie" category.  

He also really prefers to wear things that are several sizes too large for him.  He says they are more comfortable, and honestly, the kid has a point.  

 And then, well, then there's Cooper.

Cooper likes to dress like this:

And like this:

And this:

Or like any of these:

And to be quite honest, I'm so baffled by this that I don't even know how to react most of the time when he insists on wearing a bow tie to go Krogering. 

I let him, by the way.  

Just the other day he asked me "Mama, do these shoes look better with this outfit, or should I wear my cowboy boots?"  

Now, I don't know much about fashion AT ALL, but I feel certain that cowboy boots win every single time.

I learn something every day parenting my kids, but I never really thought I would be in the position to need to know the latest fashion trends for a four year old.

Maybe soon enough he can give me some pointers. 

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