We have a lot of stuff.

If I had to classify it, I'd call it techno-electronic-crafty-toys-toys-toys-officesupplies-books-music-movies-cables/wires-comicbooks-toys-toys-toys stuff.

I like to pretend that the boys and R are responsible for it, but I have a little bit to do with it, I guess.

I go through phases where it bothers me more than others, all this STUFF that I feel so weighed down by.

Sometimes I get rid of some of it, but since MY stuff really only amounts to 1/4 of what's here (Or less.  Yeah, definitely less.) it is getting harder and harder to make progress.

But lately, I've been in a purging phase.

It started with a drawer.  Then a closet.

Then I tackled all Zachary's toys, then Cooper's.  Those were painful days.

Now, I'm taking at LEAST a bag a day out of my house, where it goes either straight into the garbage or straight to Goodwill.

The nice lady who takes all my crap at Goodwill said to me the other day "Girl, you must be moving into a smaller house or something."  I just smiled and thrust my bag of size one baby clothes and mismatched tupperware at her and drove away, just a little bit lighter than I was before I arrived.

In the past when I've been in a purging mood, I have set everything aside and had a yard sale to make a little extra cash, but I just couldn't stand waiting ONE MORE SECOND to get some things out of my house this time, even though the extra cash would have been nice.

Every time I sort through something, I ask myself "Do I use it?" and "Does it make me happy?"  If the answer is no to both of those, then away it goes.

It's a process.  At this point, I'd hazard a guess that I'm the only person in the house who has noticed it's even happening, and that's ok, because it's for my sanity and mine alone.

At some point, I'm going to have to try to get everyone on board with it, I guess, or it will all be in vain, but for now I'm enjoying the freeing sense I'm getting every time another bag goes out the door.

For now, though, I gotta run.  There's a kitchen cabinet calling my name.

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