And In August, I ran...

In August, I ran.

And ran.

And ran.

Every single day.

Every. Single. Day.

Every day I strapped on my running shoes and ran.

Some days it was only a mile or two.

Most days it was three or four miles.

One day it was even 10 miles.

I got tired and didn't want to do it some days, but I did it anyway, because the others in my little virtual running group were doing it too.

It's nice to have a support system like that.

So on and on and on I ran.

I logged a little over 100 miles (AGAIN!) and I feel pretty badass about it.

Except why am I still fat?

Oh well.  Fat or not, I'm a badass runner.

And now I have to go.

It's time for my run.


  1. You amaze me! That's a pretty spectacular feat, and you should be proud. You're an inspiration!!

    1. Aw, thanks! Honestly, I was pretty grumpy about it toward the end of the month, but I kept chugging along. Slowly, but still going.

  2. Great job! Thank you again for mentioning and linking to your group here! I joined, and I love how supportive everyone is! I am very much a beginner runner, but seeing you guys hit goals inspires me to keep moving!

    1. I'm so glad you found our group! Isn't it wonderful to have a support system when you're undertaking something like this? You are doing a fantastic job - keep it up!

  3. That's excellent!! Eventually I want to run every day. Maybe I should join a virtual running group.

    But until then, I like to write poems about how annoying other people are when I'm running. Seriously, other runners are annoying.


  4. You are a rock star!! That is so very awesome, I am so jealous!! Keep it up!


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