Run, Mj, RUN!

So I mentioned awhile back that my friend Natalie and I had set up a Facebook group of runners, walkers, and crawlers, and that for July, we were going to challenge each other to run 75 miles.

And amazingly, all six members of the group did it.  I say it was amazing mainly because most of the group members had never ever ever run/walked/crawled anything close to that much in one month before.  But we all did it this time.  Here's to the power of groups!

I was putting in that kind of mileage back when I was training for a half marathon but that was over a year ago, and my stubby little legs had gotten complacent since then.

But my determination (and competitiveness) were greatly renewed by being in this little group, and for the month of July, I finished up at just over 100 miles.

Uh huh.  That's right.

100. Miles.

Ok, now would be a great time for all you "real" runners to just move on along.  100 miles, you scoff.  I ran that much just yesterday.

Well, whatever, you imaginary nay-sayers.  Like I said before, just keep movin' on along, because I'm pretty proud of my feat, and of all the people in the group who completed exactly what they set out to do.

And now it's August, and for the month of August, our group (which has now grown to 9 members!) is going to streak.

The days in a row kind of streaking, not the clothes off kind of streaking.

Although what they do in the privacy of their homes it totally their own business, and I'm not going to judge.  But wouldn't that chafe just a little?  Whatever.  No judging here.

The rules are simple.  Run, walk or crawl at least one mile every day in August, then post your results on the group Facebook page.

I have no doubt that the members of our group will do exactly what we set out to do.  After all, we're runners, and runners can do anything.

Anybody else wanna play along?

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