Here's to 75 Miles in July

While I was away on vacation, I got a text from Natalie.

"So, what do you think about running 100 miles in June?  To keep each other motivated?"

Motivation, my ass.

I smell a competition gearing up, and Natalie knows exactly what motivates me.  We had recently both signed up for The Nashville Color Run, and even though it's JUST a 5k, and even though it's MONTHS away, I've been itching for a really nice, healthy competition to get me running more often.  Maybe even one where both parties involved are aware of said competition.

Anyway, before either one of us took one step in June, we decided that maybe 100 miles was a bit much, so we would do 50.  That's 100 miles TOTAL, so it's not like we backed out or anything.

And so I ran.

And Natalie ran.

And we taunted informed each other via Facebook posts and many, many text messages.

Sometimes she was ahead.  Sometimes I was ahead.  I did bathroom surgery on my toe and had to take a couple days off.  She worked a full time job and still found time to run somehow.  I broke in a new pair of running shoes, much to my little piggies' dismay, yet still I ran.  She went away on vacation and still ran.  Every day.  Twice some days.   It didn't really matter.  We were both going to finish come hell or high water, because that's just how we are.

Natalie and I used to work together, in exactly the same job in exactly the same place, and oh boy did we ever compete with each other.  However, we managed to do it in a way that made us both better, and without hating each other or ever, ever throwing each other under the bus.

And since we're still the best of friends years later, that must say something about our ability to be competitive but still maintain some sense of sanity about it.  Well, maybe "sanity" isn't exactly the right word, but still, it's nice for a crazy competitive person like me to have someone to go up against whose head I don't want to bash in the entire time.

And I'm proud to say that as of June 30, we had both gotten our 50 miles in and had agreed to shoot for 75 in July.  We've even set up a Facebook group called Run, Walk, Crawl - 75 Miles in July to keep up and keep motivated.  We've even found a couple more die-hards to drag along with us.  

Because that's just how we roll.  Or run.  Whatever.


  1. We did it!!!
    And you LURVE me:)
    And I LURVE you, of course!
    And I'm really sorry that I make your toes ooze.

    1. We are so badass. Oozing toes and all.

  2. I so jealous of all your awesomeness!! I need me some of that motivation....

    1. Janet, I'm not sure if motivation is really the right word - crazy is more like it ;-) But thanks anyway!!!


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