It's good to have goals.

So, last year,  I took up running so as not to have an a$$ the size of a small middle Eastern country.

Four months ago, I even made some grand promises about running a 5k.

Well guess what?

This past Saturday, I did it.

I ran a 5k.

I didn't embarrass myself.

I didn't finish last.

I even got a cool t-shirt to prove it.

It was a high like I have never experienced before except for that one really GREAT contact buzz I got at a Toby Keith concert.

I immediately came home and started looking for other races to run in the near future.

Then I saw this one.

Which is not a 5k at all, but a 10k.

That's more than 6 miles, people.

But I'm seriously considering it.

I ran 5 miles on the treadmill yesterday,  and only stopped because the children were clamoring for breakfast.  Pesky kids have to eat ALL. THE. TIME.  Like, at least three times a day.  Good grief.

Tomorrow, I plan to do the full six miles and change.

I'll see how I feel then, and I have almost a whole week to decide.  Yowza.

I'm also planning to run this race in April, and I'm setting some pretty aggressive time goals for myself.  Also, in a fit of either brilliance or insanity - not sure which, I'll let you know - I've talked several members of my extended family into walking this one.  There are a few folks who are close to me who are trying to lose weight and get fit, and I'm so proud of them.  This will be a great big ole family affair, complete with much hugging and sobbing at the finish line, I imagine.

So, it's official.

I'm addicted.

And as someone who has never made time for or been interested in any sort of physical activity before, it feels sort of strange.

But I like it.
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