Back in the saddle again. Or whatever.

A few months ago my treadmill tried to kill me.  True story.

Anyway, I think I've tamed that sucker, and I'm back in the saddle.  Or on the treadmill.  You say tomato...

So, I've been at it regularly (like four or five times a week, EVERY WEEK), for about a month.



I obsess think about it all the time.

I like that I'm finally seeing some results.

Several people have commented that I look "good."  I guess that's as opposed to the "bad" that I previously looked.  And I'm down a size.  A whole size.  I like that part.  Only three more sizes to go...

The other day, as I was getting ready for bed, I felt a weird lump in my thigh.  I poked it.  Yep, a lump.  Oh dear God it's a tumor and who is going to raise my kids if I die and I hope I don't suffer and I want to see my kids grow up and... Oh.  Is that a... muscle?  Really?  Because previously, all that just jiggled...

So now I'm ready to put myself out there.  I'm ready to talk about my plans to both the people who read my blog all the online world.

Ok, here goes.


I'm going to run a 5k.


Like, in the spring.

That's soon, right?

I think I can totally do it.

People do that sort of healthy stuff all the time, right?


So here I go, putting it in writing and totally committing myself to it.

Because if you blog about something, it's like a contract.

And my other goal is not to embarrass myself when I do it.

I don't want to finish last.

That's all.

You can track my weekly progress on the sidebar.

Here goes nothing.

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