Pretty soon there's gonna be one of those 12 ft. Abominable Snowman things in my yard. You know, the ones that light up and spin around.

Around this time last year, I wrote a blog post about how I really, really, don't get into holidays much.

Really, nothing's changed.

Oh wait.

Except one thing.

For years, my excuse for not participating in outdoor Christmas decorating revolved around the fact that I, as a retail manager, worked approximately 26 hours a day pretty much every day from Black Friday until New Year's Day.

A few months ago, as you might recall, I quit my job to be a full time stay at home Mama to my boys.

Well, shit.  There went that excuse.

The truth is, my idea of perfect holiday decorating looks something like this:

However, for the first time ever, I have adorned the exterior of 154 Hidden Court.  With lights.  And weird fake spiral-y Christmas trees.  And more effing lights.  And oddly, every time I walk into a store, I gravitate toward the giant snowglobes.  Must. Resist.

So now, 154 Hidden Court looks sort of like some elves drank too much eggnog and vomited up lights on my house:

I can only imagine that an Easter egg tree isn't far off...


  1. For a few years, I would buy some type of lawn decoration every year. Spiral trees, light up Santa, etc. Then, every Christmas I remember that my house has NO external outlets. Yep, all those decorations and no way to actually use them unless I want to stuff a bunch of snow-proof, heavy-duty extension cords under my front door.

    So...my front yard continues to be a barren wasteland of no holiday spirit. Which I actually like ;-)


  2. @ Stacy, Sadly, my house has PLENTY of exterior outlets. More than plenty. I can see that this has the potential to get out of hand very quickly :)


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