So, let me tell you about Day 1 of being a stay at home Mama.

8am:  Slept in.  What???!!?!??  I haven't slept this late since that time in college when I drank a fifth of Wild Turkey.  Oh well, zj needs to learn how to get his own breakfast, anyway. Survival skills are important.

10am: Fed both the boys breakfast - hey, I don't judge your parenting skills - stay the hell out of mine.  Decided that today would be the day to start weaning cj off the bottle.

10:30am: Got a text from my sis B.  "Are you doing ok?"  I texted her back: "What, do you think I'm going to go crazy or something?"  Her response: "Yes."

11:30am: Made lunch. Yeah, yeah, I know.

12:00pm: RJ left for work, then I put cj down for a nap, and let zj play in the pool.

1:00pm: Decided to take up jogging.

1:03pm: Decided to give up jogging.

1:06pm: Took back up with jogging, but at a MUCH slower pace.  See the widget on my sidebar to track my progress :)

2:00pm: Worked on the alphabet with zj.  We made it all the way through "A."

2:45pm: Folded some laundry.  Sent zj upstairs to put some of his clothes away.

2:48pm: Heard: CRASH! THUMP! WHAAAA! "Mama, help me!  I think I broke my bone!"

2:49pm: Determined that zj had jumped from the fifth step onto the floor "in a different way" than he normally does and that he hurt his foot.

2:50pm: Texted RJ:  "I think z broke his foot. I am the worst stay at home Mama ever."

3:30pm: Determined that zj's foot was probably just bruised.  Whew.  Remembered that there was something else I was supposed to be doing... What was it?  What was it?  What was it?

3:31pm: Got cj up from his nap.  Oh, now I remember.  There are TWO of them.

4:00pm: Played X-Men with the boys.  Had to give it up because cj kept eating the Hulk.

5:00pm: Started drinking thinking about making dinner.  I have to have a hot meal waiting for my man when he returns home from a hard day at the office, right?  Perhaps a steak?  Or maybe a delectable chicken entree?

5:15pm: Determined that a trip to the grocery was in the near future.  Thawed out some hamburger meat and made Chili Casserole Surprise, which was totally made up and contained a can of diced tomatoes that expired in 2007.

6:30pm: RJ returned home from work.  I passed the kids off for a minute and got another drink. started looking in the classifieds for a new job.  took a minute to reflect on how my first day as a stay at home Mama was really going.

7:30pm: Fed everybody.  Bathed everybody (well, not RJ - this is not THAT kind of blog).  Put cj in bed, and read a chapter out of a big boy book to zj.  He loved it.

8:30pm:  Continued to drink at an alarming rate.

9:30pm: Decided I would try it again tomorrow, then passed out  went to sleep.


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