The one where I almost got accidentally famous.

A few weeks ago, Angie at The Jammie Girl wrote this post, which I took as the challenge it was meant to be.

So in response, I wrote this post.

In case you can't be bothered to click all those links, the posts were about our redneck roots and families.

Pretty funny stuff.

All true.

Anyway, that was weeks ago.  I went on with my life and gave it not too much more thought at all.

Until yesterday.

Apparently, you never know who might stumble across your blog while Googling "redneck family stories."

I got a Facebook message from my cousin Deb late yesterday afternoon.  Apparently, all my cousins were burning up Facebook and text messaging trying to find out about the new reality show I was going to be on.


I forwarded the message to my Sis B, asking her if she could help me decipher.

She called me immediately.   The surprise had been ruined, and my chance at fame, shot to hell with a double barrel 12 gauge shotgun.

My sis B and several of my cousins had been approached by a production company who had run across Angie's post, then read my post, and determined that my redneck family might make for good reality tv.

Why of course it would.

Here is part of the message my Sis B received:

"I am contacting you beacause I am with CMT Television casting and I am trying to cast MJ in a new reality show that documents a family reunion. Please do not tell MJ that I have contacted you because this reunion should be a surprise. The shows description is below.

The hour-long special, hosted by Tom Arnold, will reunite one redneck family with a big-city slicker relative for a family reunion they’ll NEVER forget. If you and your family would like to reconnect Mary Jo with her country roots we can help! 

I would love to chat with you, I am reaching out to your family on Facebook."

Um, yeah.

A whole bunch of my family got the same message.  So did several of my Facebook friends who share my fairly common maiden name, but who were no relation to me or my redneck family.  Bet they were confused.

The funny part, really, is that I was pegged as the city slicker in the family.  My Sis B and I got a good laugh at that, until we tried to think of a more citified relation.  Sadly, none could be found.
My Sis B contact the nice CMT lady and let her know that the cat was out of the bag, and my chances of being a reality show star washed away, just like that.

Oh well.  I'd really hate to give up Moon Pies, anyway.  Even for fame and fortune.


  1. The same thing has been happening around here! My aunt AND my husband got emails about that show. My son thinks it's just hilarious, but it gave me chills to think about ending up on a show like "My Big Redneck Wedding" - EEK!!

  2. @Angie, SO funny. I cannot imagine my family on a reality show... shudder... And I cannot imagine how I would pull off city slicker... My family has gotten a big laugh out of it as well. It's good to have something in your life for amusement, I guess :)


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