If you have kids, and they need books for Christmas, you probably should read this.

The only job I've held in my adult life was selling books.

I sold books for nearly 17 years.

I love books.

Plus, it makes me sort of an expert.

So, since it's Christmas, I've decided to do a series this week on the best books to buy for your kids.  And by best, I mean books that I like.

You're welcome.

In order to add some semblance of organization to this list, which has been flowing out of my head all willy-nilly, I'm dividing it up by age group.

You're welcome again.

Here's what you can expect:

Monday - Board books, bath books, and other toddler appropriate books that can be chewed on
Tuesday - Picture books.  My favorite category by a mile
Wednesday - Beginning reader and early chapter books (ages 5-7ish)
Thursday - Young readers (ages 8-12)
Friday - Teens, and no, this will not be a Twilight fest.  The esteemed Ms. Meyer splits infinitives all over the place, and there is nothing I hate more than a split infinitive.
Saturday - If you still can't decide, I'm going to show you all the reasons why nookcolor, with it's interactive kids' books, it the best choice of all.

Tune in all week and get some great gift ideas for the little readers (or listeners) on your Christmas list!

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