Beer Snob.

I love beer.

It is my spirit of choice.

I don't mind an occasional fruity drink, but beer is my stand-by.

My go-to.

And over the years, I have become something of a beer snob.

In my humble opinion, there are exactly three reasons to drink a domestic light beer.  1) You are at a bowling alley and that is the only selection. 2) You are at some beer-uninformed person's home and that is the only selection.  3) You are already drunk.

Really, it just doesn't taste good, so why drink it?

But recently, for reasons I will not go into here, a case of Bud Light Lime came into my life.  And since it is a deadly sin to waste beer (Seriously.  Look it up if you don't believe me.), I cracked open a bottle and steeled myself for the worst.

But... It was... good?

Like, really good?

Like, I'm gonna keep drinking this stuff because it tastes really good in my mouth and it only has 116 calories in a bottle.

Who knew  such miracles were even possible?

This is not a paid endorsement of any kind.  The nice folks at Anheuser-Busch took out a restraining order have not had time to return my numerous, lengthy calls or e-mails.  But I forgive them.  They are clearly doing important work and can't be bothered with me.

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  1. I don't know anything about beer because I don't drink it, but I do have to say that what you said about light beer reminds me of how I feel about light or fat free mayonnaise. I'd rather have nothing!

    (By the way, I wandered here from Cjane's blog. It's nice to meet you.)


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