Kitchen Sink Sangria.

No, I didn't mix it in the kitchen sink.  It ain't hooch, and this ain't college.

I called it that because I put in everything but the kitchen sink.

It was yummy, and it made me more than a little tipsy.

This isn't a recipe so much as a method, so be creative.  Hate apples? Leave 'em out?  Have a bunch of blueberries in the fridge about to go bad?  Toss 'em in.  You get the picture...

1 bottle of red wine.  The cheap kind.  The $3.99 special.  It doesn't matter what kind.  Just get something that you don't hate the taste of.
2 shots brandy.  I used cherry flavored brandy in this, because I had some left over from making a Black Forest Cake.  Use what you have.
2 shots Chambord.  Or not.  RJ loves this stuff and it did give the whole thing a bit of a raspberry undertone.  Doesn't that sound sophisticated?
1 cup of orange juice.
1/2 cup lime or lemon juice.  I used Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice.
1/4 cup sugar.  Or a bit less if you prefer it a bit tart.
2 cans ginger ale, club soda or Sprite.  Club soda if you don't like sweet, ginger ale for sorta sweet, and Sprite for the sweetest of all.
Fruit, either fresh or frozen.  I used orange slices, lime slices, apples, a really old plum that was hanging out in my fridge, frozen peaches and frozen strawberries.

Mix the wine, brandy, Chambord, oj, lime juice and sugar in a pitcher.  Cut up and add the fruit. Give it a big ole stir, cover it and put it in the fridge for at least 2 hours before serving.  This gives it time to absorb the flavors of the fruit and just get really good and yummy.  You could make it first thing in the morning to have with dinner.  Or make it the night before and let it set overnight if you are going to drink it for breakfast.  Hey, it has fruit in it.  Don't judge me, I won't judge you.

Add the ginger ale or club soda or sprite just before serving, and serve it in a really big glass over ice so you won't have to keep running back to the pitcher.   Because you might fall down.  It's stronger that it tastes.


  1. "It ain't hooch, and this ain't college."

    Seriously, that is the best thing I have read this morning. Laughed. Out. Loud.

  2. @Dianna, the only thing I have against hooch is the hangovers it gives me... I have many a fond memory of hooch :)


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