A performance evaluation of my first 60 days of being a stay at home Mama.

Exactly two months ago today, I worked my last shift as a store manager at a major retail bookstore.  I'm not really sure what I expected the stay at home Mama gig to be like.  I had worked more than full time for my entire adult life, so this was a bit of a departure, to say the least.  In my former life as a retail manager, most of what I did revolved around providing and receiving constant followup and feedback, so I felt like a performance evaluation for the past two months was in order.  Sixty days is usually a pretty standard probationary period, right?

Areas of Strength:
Mj, since becoming a stay at home Mama (SAHMama), you have clearly excelled in Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and other internet related pastimes.  Your  devotion to your iPhone and iPad are also noted.  Your skills in wasting time on the internet internet navigation have improved dramatically.  Also, it is notable that you have become a powerhouse in Words with Friends.  Thank your for your willingness to spend countless hours improving your vocabulary.  

Mj, thank you for your attention to your toenails.  Your new interest in painting them all the colors of the rainbow shows a creativity that had been previously untapped.  Also, your newfound interest in shopping for girly clothes and cute shoes, while fiscally challenging for the J household, shows great potential in the "Getting Out of the Frumpy" category.  Your interest in treadmill running, while short lived, shows a desire for self improvement, which is a desirable trait for a SAHMama.

Also, it is noted that you have a new interest in setting foot outside the house social interaction.  Your playdates with Natalie, Jennifer, Jenny and Jenna, as well as your willingness to go on dates with RJ, take the children to the park, go out to eat, and go bowling show a willingness to change your previously hermit-like ways.  Continue to hone this skill, as it will serve you well in this position.

Areas of Opportunity:
Mj, since assuming the posiition of SAHMama, your housekeeping skills have not improved and are not to standards.  While it is noted that you clean house more often, your inability to maintain this cleanliness is an ongoing issue.  Also, your inability to keep the appropriate laundry washed so that RJ can wear the correct colored shirt to work on the correct day has been addressed previously, and no improvements have been made.  You must make immediate and sustained improvements in this area.  Also, your desire to take on micro tasks (like alphabetizing the spice drawer) in lieu of more practical ones (like cleaning the bathroom) has caused your overall productivity to suffer.

Another area requiring attention is in the area of personal hygiene.  While it is noted above that you have taken a renewed interest in maintaining your appearance, a solid foundation (i.e. showering and hair brushing daily) is necessary in order to maintain standards in this area.

Mj, in conclusion, your performance as a SAHMama has had some bright spots but some work remains to be done.  It is noted that this entire endeavor has been a stretch assignment for you; therefore, a second sixty day probationary will be granted with regular and ongoing performance evaluations to follow, and a formal action plan will ensue.


  1. Maybe you should ask Z to fill out an eval for you!

    Remind me -- you don't live close enough to come hang out with us, right??

    And, cleaning is overrated.

  2. Dianna, I would love to hang out sometime! I live in Vine Grove, but I get into the city occasionally, for supplies and such :)


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