Really, really, really good potato salad, crazy style.

I got this recipe, many years ago, from someone who was in the top three craziest people I have ever known.  That's saying a lot, too.  When I met her, she seemed like Ms. Upstanding Mom/Retail Manager/Wife, and by the time our relationship.... ended, so to speak, she was drinking gin at work, reading crystals for customers, and going AWOL with random truck drivers for weeks at a time.

But never mind all that.  She gave me two really, really important things: a love of working in a bookstore, and the most awesome potato salad recipe ever.


5 pounds white potatoes, Idaho or such
1 medium yellow onion
3-4 stalks of celery
6 hard boiled eggs
1 jar Miracle Whip - no, the other stuff won't do.  Miracle Whip has a... tangy zip that is very important to this recipe.
salt and pepper
paprika, optional

Peel and dice your potatoes and boil uncovered for 15 minutes or so.  As the potatoes are boiling, finely chop your onions, eggs and celery into a big bowl.

Take the potatoes off the heat, drain and pour into the bowl that has your other stuff in it.  Add the salt and pepper (I usually use about a teaspoon of each, but do it to your taste) over top the potatoes.  For some reason, this is a very important step.  If you wait till later to add the seasonings it just doesn't taste the same.  But try it if you don't believe me.  You'll see.

Stir all that stuff around, and while the potatoes are still hot (another important step - just trust me on this) add the jar of Miracle Whip.

Ok, I feel the need to say at this point that is you use mayonnaise instead or Miracle Whip and your potato salad doesn't taste very good, I WARNED YOU.  Just buy the Miracle Whip, ok?

Stir it all up, chill and top with paprika if desired.

It's real good in your mouth.

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