Ahh ebay. I think I love you.

Dear ebay,

I think I love you.

It started out innocently enough.  See, I had these dolls to sell.  Dolls that I had a long time.  Dolls that I obviously was never going to have a use for, given that there are only boys in my house.

So I came to you for help.

You were kind to me.  You walked poor little inexperienced me through a new auction listing.  I made some mistakes in our relationship early on, sure, but you were patient.  Oh, so patient.  

And I waited.  

A few days passed, and I didn't hear much from you.  But I kept checking, and I kept hoping, and soon enough, the bids began.  $50.  $100.  $200!!!!  Really?  It was this easy?

And so our relationship began in earnest.

What else could I possibly sell?

I roamed the house, weighing potential use against potential sales.

Potential sales almost always won.

I have dedicated an entire room of my house to you.  It contains things listed, and things yet to be listed, but it is clearly all in your honor.

I have my own business cards that I use to promote my relationship with you.  It's like shouting it from the rooftops.

I sign our invoices with hearts and flowers.

I know, deep down, that you would do the same for me, if you could.

Dear ebay, we are now in the seventh month of our relationship, and I love you more than ever before.  Sometimes life gets in the way and we don't get to spend the quality time together that I would like, but you are forgiving.  You always take me back.

And someday, someday soon, darling, I hope to be yours, exclusively.

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