An open letter to those who ride bicycles near where I drive.

First, let me start with this.

I admire you.  I really do.

As a child, I was never REALLY able to master the whole peddle, steer, balance thing.  I mean, I could get down the road a bit, but it required multiple stops, many crashes and a lot  of band-aids.  As I got older, I simply used the old "I'm too short and can't find a bike that fits me right because did I mention, I'M SHORT???" excuse.

I think that people who ride their bikes to work or to run errands or whatever are doing a good thing, both for their bodies and for the environment.

It's awesome.


However, I have ONE teeny tiny suggestion.

I hope you won't think I'm being too forward.

See, your wiry, thin, 98 pound frame, coupled with your state of the art, lightweight, titanium alloy bicycle frame aren't heavy enough to trip the sensor if say, you're IN THE TURNING LANE, AT RUSH HOUR, TRYING TO MAKE A LEFT TURN OFF THE HEAVILY TRAFFICKED STREET.

Oh, and let's just say that you are maybe NOT PULLED UP FAR ENOUGH FOR THE BIG A$$ SUV DRIVEN BY THE HARRIED BOOKSTORE MANAGER/MAMA WHO IS LATE PICKING HER KIDS UP FROM THE SITTER TO ACTIVATE THE SENSOR, EITHER.  So guess what?  We will probably have to sit there through numerous lights.  Like 6 or 7.  And really, we could avoid all that, if we work together.

It's just a suggestion.

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