Lemondrop Cake - A Tipsy Cake.

I love to cook, but baking things from scratch is really beyond me.  I. DON'T. MEASURE.  It's a big ole waste of time.  So I have come up with my own way of baking.  It's something like Rachel Ray meets the Cake Mix Doctor meets Otis from the Andy Griffith show.  And it makes some darn fine cakes, if I do say so myself.


A lemon cake mix
A can of lemon icing
2 boxes of lemon Jello instant pudding 
some eggs (probably three, but if you just served scrambled eggs for breakfast, and forgot to buy more, two will do)
some vegetable oil (1/4 to 1/3 of a cup)
your preferred lemon flavored liquor (here I used Lemon Drop, a premixed thing, but I have also used lemon vodka and yummy Lemoncello.  Lemoncello is kind of expensive, but totally worth it.)


Put the cake mix, one box of the jello, the eggs, the oil and roughly a cup and a half of the liquor in your red Kitchenaid stand mixer.  What?  You don't have a red Kitchenaid stand mixer?  So sorry, no cake for you.

Oh, ok, you can use any mixer you want.

Mix all that mess up according to the directions on the back of the cake mix box.


Spray your red springform cake pans with that spray stuff that comes out of the can smelling like melting ozone meets carcinogenic in a can.  You know what I mean.

What?  You don't have red springform cake pans?

You need a new husband.  All this red baking stuff has been gifted to me by RJ.

Anyway, put half of the batter into one pan (red or not) and half into the other.

Bake it according to the directions on the box.

After the cake is done and cooling, mix the other box of lemon jello with some more of your liquor (1/3 to 1/2 a cup, for those of you with no creativity).  It will look something like this:

Put one layer of the cake flat, scoop all this delightful stuff on top, and put the remaining cake layer on top of that.  

Frost it with the stuff out of the can.


This is the most requested cake from RJ's co-workers. 

Of course, they are a bunch of alcoholics, and this cake may get you a bit tipsy.

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