Color Run, take 2.

Last year around this time I did a Color Run with some friends and I had a blast, so when I heard one was coming to my little old hometown, I jumped on the chance and signed Zachary and myself up for the low, low price of about a million dollars.

Ok, it wasn't really a million dollars.  But it was quite a lot.  Like grocery money for a week a lot.

After our "fits and starts" experience at our first family 5k, R opted out of this one and I left Cooper with my sister for the day, because there was NO WAY I was going to be willing to wrangle both of the kids by myself over the course of 3.11 miles.  NO. WAY.

We carefully planned our outfits, where by "carefully planned" I mean I ordered us these super cool socks WITH CAPES and it was determined that Zachary would be Batman and I would be Superman.  He always gets to be Batman.  It's really not fair.

And even though I'm still bitter about not getting to be Batman (AGAIN!!!) I will have to say our socks were quite a hit with dozens - DOZENS! - of people complimenting us.  So I was a little bit mollified.

Zack and I got there super early because I can't help it and also because I knew parking would be a bear (it was - I LOVE being right, don't you?) and we queued up and discussed our strategy (start out slowly, work up to more speed toward the end) then we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  And then we went and used the porta potties.  Then we lined up and waited.  And waited.  And finally we were off!

Although I had explained how things worked I don't thing Zack really got the full picture until we rounded a curve and saw the first color station (BLUE!!!) and he stopped dead in his tracks (nearly causing a massive pile of sweaty people to fall on us) and said, quite simply, "WOW!"  Then he took off for it like a bat out of hell and by the time I caught up with him he had run through, come back around and run through again, and was rolling around on the ground in it, making blue snow angels and giggling like a schoolgirl.  Getting good and dirty is a skill mainly reserved for seven year old boys, and he was in his element.

I finally convinced him that we had to move along (MORE COLORS! LET'S GO!) and we made our way through yellow, orange and pink (the pink people were particularly aggressive with their color squirt bottles, by the way) before heading to the finish line and of course to the after party.

This is my who knows what number 5k and Zachary's third, and it was one of my favorites so far.  The mood was festive, nearly everyone we encountered was in a good mood, I stopped a dozen times along the course to offer to take pics for groups of people, and I have no clue how long it took us to run the whole race because it wasn't timed, and for once, I didn't really care.

We went to have fun, and we accomplished that.  In spades.

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  1. I can't do a color run because it looks... Sticky... I'm afraid the colors will make me feel sticky. And I CANNOT feel sticky.

    1. I can promise you it's not sticky. Gritty, yes. Staining, definitely. But not sticky. It was super fun!

  2. I like the idea of a color run with kids, except for the actual running part. :) Sounds like it was a hit all around!

    1. Well the running seemed to be mostly optional. There was quite a lot of strolling going on all around us :)


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