Color Runnin'


If my friend Natalie and I ever wrote a co-biography, It would most certainly be called "It Seemed Like A Good Time At The Time."

We have a long and colorful history of getting excited about something, making grand plans to do it, talking about it and scheming about it for months, then realizing we don't want to really DO it and oh dear god who had this idea anyway?

So back in May when Natalie texted me a link to this 5k run and asked me if I wanted to do it, I of course jumped right on board.  Running three miles while people throw colored powder all over you in an attempt to get you as rainbow-colored as possible?  Of COURSE I'm in.

Then as the date approached both Natalie and I did what we always do - we started stressing about the details of travel (the race was in Nashville) and parking and packet pickup and logistics and...

Suddenly it didn't seem as fun any more.

But we soldiered on.

And we got there just fine, and got our packets picked up just fine, and found ample places to pee before the race began, and everything was just FINE.

And... we had a blast.

And after.

We ran together, and even though I've done lots of races in the past, this was the first time I had actually run WITH someone the whole time.  We talked and laughed and pointed things out to each other and got totally covered in magical colored dust, and it. was. awesome.

My slightly neurotic, homebody personality often keeps me from doing things just because of a fear of the unknown, and it's amazing to have a friend like Natalie who drags me out of my safe little cocoon of a comfort zone from time to time.

At the ripe old age of 38, I'm starting to realize that life is really just a series of memories strung together by common threads of people and places, and that I need to do more things, make more memories, and live more of my own life.

And this was a great and colorful place to start.


  1. How absolutely fun that looks!! exactly the same thinking has kept me from doing most anything including races.....oh well....

    1. Ah Janet, I feel where you're coming from... so much. If my hubby hadn't dragged me along - kicking and screaming - to my first few races it's not something I would have EVER done. Now I'm addicted. It makes me so mad at myself sometimes that doing stuff is so hard for me...

  2. I ran the CMY5k (similar to the Color Run) in August, and other 5k's don't even interest me anymore! I'm not exactly an AVID runner so unless there's a totally awesome theme, it's just not any fun! lol

    1. I like theme runs, too. I really want to do a zombie run. You start with flags or something on your back, and there are zombies all along the course trying to snatch your flags. Once they're all gone, you can become a zombie yourself :) It sounds like loads of fun!

  3. My nieces in Dayton did a color run a month or so ago and had a blast - the pictures were just hilarious!

    1. I wish I had better pics. I had my iPhone with me (in a baggie) but I was afraid to take it out much amid all the swirling dust... If I do anther one, I'll remember to take my waterproof camera next time.


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