What I wore last week.

A couple of my very favorite bloggers - like, I have a bloggy crush on you and I'm going to stalk you on ALL THE INTERNETS! but totally not in a creepy way more in an "imitation is the best form of flattery" way and I swear I'm not planning to skin you alive and wear a suit made of your skin I SWEAR! No really, I swear, Modern Mrs. Darcy and The Dude Mom both blog often about how it's important to dress for every day and to look your best, even when there's no special occasion, because just by putting forth the effort, you will FEEL better about how you look, which makes you feel better about yourself, which makes you want to try harder, which is a crazy catch 22 and a conundrum that my crazy sweatpant-wearing, bra hating, superhero shirt hoarding, Croc-loving soul has a hard time digesting.

But I've been trying.  Harder than I usually do, anyway.

Both of the esteemed bloggers mentioned above post super cute pics of themselves wearing their adorable and perfectly accessorized outfits occasionally, but my only available photographer is four and can usually only take a picture of my eyebrow or my knee, but not both at the same time, so you're getting the outfits without the me.  Which, by the way?  I'm totally fine with.

Also, I totally get that I'm no grand fashionista, nor will I ever be, but when I can say that I actually GOT DRESSED in something other than pajamas and combed my hair every day for a week, it's pretty amazing.

So anyway, here's what I wore last week:


On Monday, I wore this adorable little thing.  It is super cute and was perfect for running around, grocery shopping and the like.  It was comfortable, cool, and definitely a step up from the Batman t-shirts I prefer.

On Monday, I saw ZERO people that I know.


On Tuesday, I wore this little skirt and top combo.  When I do dress myself in something other than workout clothes, I prefer separate pieces, since I am, ahem, quite a bit larger on the top than on the bottom.

A stranger complimented my skirt, but on Tuesday I saw ZERO people that I know.


For Wednesday's outfit, I pulled out a pair of white capri pants that haven't seen the light of day in... ever, and wore a brightly patterned top.  The people who knew me when I only wore black would be so shocked to see me now.

And on Wednesday, I saw ZERO people that I know.


Since I didn't really have anywhere to go on Thursday, I kept things super casual, but I did have to answer the door when the mailman brought a package, and he seemed super pleased that I wasn't in my typical door-answering outfit.

People I saw that I know (other than the mailman, of course): ZERO.


On Friday, I wore this summery little thing (with a cardigan, of course - no strapless bras for me) and seriously, I'm starting to think that dresses are more comfortable than jeans any day.  And since I hate shorts, dresses may be the way to go! 

Friday was another day that I saw ZERO people that I know. 


And then the weekend came.  I had no place to go, no plans WHATSOEVER to leave the house, and to be honest, getting dressed every day had pretty much exhausted me so I stuck with "around the house" clothes, also known as "white trash awesome."    This particular outfit consisted of a tie dye shirt that says Key West (where I have never been, by the way, so I'm not really sure where this shirt came from), a pair of R's old boxers, and my hair was piled on top of my head in what I refer to as a "shitball."  You get the picture.  

And everything was fine.  Until right after dinner, when we decided that maybe ice cream was in order, and since we were just going to go through a drive-through for cones, I threw on my gardening Crocs (I SWEAR I almost never wear them out of the house any more) with my outfit du jour and off we went.

Except... On the way there, I realized the gas light was blinking.  And not just in a "this is a friendly reminder that you might want to get gas soon, like maybe tomorrow, or next Tuesday" kind of way, more in a "OH MY GOD FEED ME NOW YOU LAZY FOOL, OR I'M GOING TO DIE ON YOU IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BUSIEST INTERSECTION I CAN FIND!!!" way.

So I stopped for gas.

Number of people I saw that I knew at the most out of the way, deserted gas station I could find: FOURTEEN.

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  1. This is such a great idea! I am such a yoga pants kinda girl ... This might make me get up and dressed more often. lol Maybe next week ...

    1. The biggest problem was that after I was dressed for real, I didn't want to do any housework because I didn't want to get any of my good clothes dirty ;)

  2. Isn't that ALWAYS the way it works!!
    I'm really into skirts vs. shorts/pants for summer.. much easier and cooler :)

    1. I am coming around to the way of the dress/skirt. Slowly...

  3. This was the first summer that i actually looked forward to wearing them :)

  4. Super cute outfits ;) I love that paisley skirt. I'm such a bum most of the time...when I'm not working, I'm usually just wearing jeans and t-shirts. Or like today, when I'm being super lazy, it's yoga pants and a t-shirt. I really should make more of an effort...lol

    1. I love wearing jeans too, but the problem with them is they don't feel like pajamas, which is my ultimate goal. ;)

  5. I'm totally into dresses these days. No worrying about matching, or proportions (long tops + those capri pants that are too long on me = looks weird). I'll sometimes wear a tight fitting t-shirt under a dress so I can wear a bra.

    I have one maxi dress made of t-shirt material that is just like wearing PJs.

  6. Since someone deemed that the inseams of shorts were crazy short, I stopped wearing shorts, too. Except ones from Banana Republic or White House Black Market.

    I love that striped dress at the top ... It reminds me of a top I have from Stitch Fix.

    Modern Mrs Darcy is local to me (neener neener ... But I have yet to meet her). Dude Mom is even more adorable in person ....met her at Bloggy Boot Camp Baltimore and Philly :)


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