Valentine's Day Advent Mailboxes

And yes, I totally Googled "advent" to make sure it worked here.  And it does.  Mostly.

I used to ignore most holidays altogether, but over the last few years, a perfect storm of more free time plus Pinterest envy plus kids who are old enough to understand holidays plus my unnatural desire to WIN at parenting has led me down the dark, scary roads of holiday decor and festivities and whatnot.

Sometimes I tend to... overdo things, but I'm going to declare that these Valentine's mailboxes are nothing but win.

I saw these little cutie mailboxes in the dollar bins at Target, and quickly snatched up four.  My Target had the red and blue ones, but my friend Natalie found pink and white ones at her Target.  Wal-Mart also has some similar ones in with their Valentine's Day stuff, too.

I printed out some name labels (which would have been WAY fancier if I had this Silhouette Portraitcutting tool that I covet SO SO HARD), then found a quick free "I love you because" printable, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now in the days leading up to Valentine's Day, my boys and I can leave each other cute little notes, plus I got a few cheap candies (like conversation hearts) to surprise them with along the way.  We have been doing this a total of ONE day, and they are already watching their flags like hawks, because they know a raised flag means a new note or treat. 

I found this note from Zachary in my mailbox this morning:

and while I'm not sure what it is I'm the best at, exactly (the best at yelling?  the best at making pancakes? the best at saying "uh-huh" when he talks at LENGTH about Beyblades?) I'll still take it, and take it happily.

Because he took the time to write it for me, and that means the world.

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  1. I. Love. This. You are winning at being a mom and if I had kids we'd be in secret competition. (because nothing proves mental stability more than competing with people who don't know a competition is happening.)


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