Seven years ago today, you were born.

Wait, that doesn't seem quite dramatic enough.  Let me try again.

Seven years ago today, you made your presence known.

When the nurse handed you to me the first time, you were a little ugly, wrinkled, screaming pink thing. And I loved you with all my heart.

But I wasn't sure I like you very much.

I'm slow to warm up to people, you know, and you were no exception.

But then you slowly started to become you.

You with your funny little smile.  You with your unwavering energy.  You with your stubborn streak.

And today you're seven.

And now?  Well now I like you quite a lot.

I like your odd sense of humor.  I think you got that from me.

I like your fascination and focus on things that I cannot even begin to comprehend, like sharks and Beyblades and Pokemon and superheroes and dinosaurs and bugs and snakes.

I like how you can speak to anyone, at any time, about any topic, without getting nervous about it.  Your self-confidence astounds me.  You most definitely did not get that from me.

I like how you act with your little brother.  I like how you treat other small kids.  You are kind, and that will take you far in life.

I like how your enthusiasm and energy for the things that you love are constantly, incessantly, relentlessly and sometimes painfully intense.  It wears me out.  But I like that about you anyway.

I like that you like to read.  I like that sometimes you even let me help you pick out books.

I like your funny little gap-toothed smile, your killer dance moves and your mad skillz at video games.

I like that you are polite and that you like to hold the door open for people.  I like that you say "please" and "thank you" and "ma'am" and "sir" when you should.

I like that whenever you have the chance, you run wild and loud and free.

I like that when you sink your teeth into something, whether it's a project or an idea or whatever, that you tenaciously, thoroughly, bull-doggedly see it through.  I KNOW that you got that from me.  Some may call us stubborn.  I prefer to think of it as determined, and it will serve you well if you learn to temper it, just a little bit.

I like that you enjoy school.

I like that you have found a home away from home at your Tae Kwon Do class, and I like that you take pride in doing your best there.

I like that you are curious about everything.  I like that you come to me every day to ask questions about new things, and I like that when I don't know all the answers you just say "Well Mama, let's go look it up then."

But mostly, I just like you.  I like the person you are and the person you are becoming, both because of and in spite of all that I know to do for you as a Mama.

Happy birthday Zachary.

You are going to absolutely ROCK seven.

I have no doubt.


  1. I like how your boy is up for anything. When the bossy girls of my house ask him to do something, he just shrugs his little shoulders and says, "Sure!" Every single time.

  2. awww... very sweet post! Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! :-)

    1. Thank you! It's like I blinked and now he's seven, with the attitude to prove it ;)

  3. So much love it's awesome!!! Get ready to blink again and he'll be 11....sigh.....


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