I'm not superstitious.

If someone asked, I would say "Oh goodness no I'm not superstitious.  That stuff is just silliness," and of course I believe that.  Foolishness.  Made up children's cautionary tales that have taken a hold in current society after being passed down from generation to generation.

But me?  Totally not superstitious.

With Halloween right around the corner, this time of year is just full of ghosts, witches, demons and black cats but of course, I am totally unaffected.

I've known lots of superstitious people in my life.  There was a guy I dated in high school who did this thing whenever a cat crossed in front of his car.  He would spit on his finger then make three x's on the car windshield to ward off evil cat spirits, or some such nonsense.   Being 16 at the time, I thought it was kinda cute when he did it... well, until the next morning in the daylight when the inside of my car windows were covered in spit x's.  Then it wasn't nearly as endearing.

But me, I'm not superstitious.  AT ALL.  Never mind the fact that I try to avoid leaving the house on Friday the 13th.  That's not because I'M superstitious.  It's because of all the crazies out there who believe something bad will happen.  All that negative energy floating around is bound to make bad things occur.

And ok, occasionally I might "knock on wood," but really that's just more habit than anything.  Because I'm not superstitious.  Really I'm not.

And I would NEVER have a horseshoe hanging in my house to bring me luck.  Because horseshoes are ugly, and I like pretty things hanging up in my house. Now I do have a little tiny dragon guarding the front door to my house, but that's mostly because I thought it was cute, not because dragons are supposed to guard your household from evil.  Because I don't believe in junk like that.  He's a cute little dragon, and over the front door just seemed like a good place to put him.

I think all that "step on a crack" nonsense is just a children's rhyme gone bad and gone on for too long. But you know, sometimes the ground is uneven where there are cracks, so it just makes more sense to step over them.  It's a safety concern, really.

Because I'm not superstitious.

And ok, occasionally I might go out of my way to walk around a ladder instead of walking under it, but really that's just good sense.  It's another safety concern.  And I'm nothing if not safety-minded.

Oh and I DEFINITELY never throw salt over my shoulder when I spill it.  I draw the line there.  Who do these evil spirits think is going to clean all that salt up off my floor, anyway?

So see, that proves it.

I'm totally not superstitious.  At all.

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