A story told in pictures, or, How I lost my Mother of The Year trophy.

Hey Cooper!  You drive and I'm going to ride on the hood!  It will be super fun!

This really IS super fun!  Hey!  Slow down! Slow down!  You're going too fast!



It's kind of a blurry picture but I wanted to be sure you saw that in the last picture Zachary is UNDER the car.  As in, completely under it.   Being the awesome mom that I am, I stopped to take a picture on the way to help get the car off him.  He's totally fine, by the way, and only slightly traumatized by the whole ordeal, and the good news is I will have the pictures forever.

Mother of the Year, I am not.
But at least we all have a good time.

Well, mostly.  I'm not sure that was Zack's idea of a great time.  


  1. And of course the best part is that you were taking pictures and probably laughing hysterically instead of rushing to the rescue. That's a sure sign you're a "boy mom" ;)

    1. Yeah, Zachary got just the slightest bit miffed at me because I couldn't stop laughing. "MOM! I almost DIED. It's NOT FUNNY!" he said. Well, it looked pretty funny from my angle ;)


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