A few weeks ago, I sent my friend Natalie a text:

"I'm pretty sure I pulled something in my leg while I was running today, but I had to keep going because I'm in a competition with someone."

Her response? 

"Someone imaginary or someone real?
Sad that I had to ask."

Ah, she knows me so well.

"Well, he's REAL," I responded.  "He just doesn't exactly know that we are in a competition.  It's some dude I went to high school with who was kind of a jerk to me.  He keeps posting his runs on Facebook, so every time he does, I have to run more miles plus faster than he did."

A few minutes later I texted her again.

"Oh great.  Now he's started 'liking' my runs on Facebook.  I think he's on to me."

Natalie answered, "Oh my.  Please don't break yourself.  Also, don't accidentally friend his wife."

ME: "Well, maybe she runs, too, and I can compete with her.  Secretly, of course."

Natalie: "NO NO NO!!! Step away!  You may not stalk people and run 5ks with them without their knowledge!"

It's sound advice, I guess, but then who would I compete with?   


  1. Proof of my insanity? I IMMEDIATELY clicked over to hound you about who he is, so that I can 'compete' with him in July.

    Youd better tell me.

    1. It's so nice to have my crazy validated :-)

  2. I read the title and thought "oh no, what's crazy doing now" :-)

    1. I think I'm flattered that such a reputation precedes me ;-)

  3. Back when I ran, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, I was in "competition" with a man, because we always seemed to be close to the same pace in all the local running events. Unfortunately, he almost always won. More unfortunately, he always won his age group (90+) and ran in a helmet and knee and elbow pads. I couldn't make this up.

    1. That is awesome. I'm pretty sure that guy passed me in a race once... It also reminds me of a customer who used to come into the bookstore that we all referred to as "the hot biker guy" until one day he said "I have to wear a helmet because sometimes I fall down." I'm so glad that I'm not the only one in imaginary competitions with people.


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