Stories to tell.

I have stories to tell.


They're piling up in my brain as we speak.

I want to tell you about how Natalie is making me run 50 miles this month, and I want to tell you about how there are serial killers everywhere, and about zj's new bed, and why I have a new enemy (squirrel, you know who you are!!!!).  I want to tell you these stories and a million more like them...

But every time I think I'll steal an hour to sit down and write, I think of a million more things I NEED to do, and SHOULD do, and some sort of perfect storm of productivity meets necessity has kept me from sitting at the computer at all this week.  And now it's Saturday at 6pm, and where the hell did my week go?!?!?!?

Rest assured, though.  I WILL find some time to write soon.

Like next week for sure.

Or at least the week after...

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  1. I know this feeling well!! Can't wait to read your stories :)


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