Bunk beds - the final decision.

A few months ago I told you I was considering bunk beds for the boys.

I finally decided.


My decision was based totally on the fact that sometimes, occasionally, like nearly every day and twice on Fridays, I needed to put the boys in their own separate corners, so to speak.

But that didn't fix the fact that zj, who has grown three more inches in the past three months, was all but falling out of his too-small toddler bed.

So a compromise was born, and enter... TA DA!  zj's new loft bed.

I ordered it online and it was totally reasonably priced and it came in a box in about 4,000 pieces with disclaimers like "requires two people minimum to assemble" which just sounds like a challenge to me.

So I asked RJ to leave work early one day to come home and help me assemble it and then I did it all myself before he got home.  I also strategically moved some other furniture to cover up the holes I made in the walls and by the way, I don't think my foot is actually BROKEN, just BADLY BRUISED.

Two people minimum my ass.

When RJ walked in and saw that I had done it already, he just shook his head and smiled.  He knows me so well.  

Anyway, zj has adjusted to it amazingly well and while changing sheets on a bunk bed is no picnic for this 5'1" Mama, I like it pretty well, too.  He has a desk to sit at and do homework or draw or whatever, and I only occasionally have to scream things like "Don't jump down from there!"

In exchange for the fact that I didn't move the boys into the same room, I've been promising them plenty of sleepovers over the summer, and they are both enjoying using the computer that we moved from it's never used spot in the basement.

Also, if you look closely in the picture, you can see all the dust on the ceiling fan.

I'm gonna go put that on my to do list, right away.

To take care of sometime in 2013.


  1. Fantastic Job!! Way to go little man, your moving on up :-)

  2. Your not 5' 1" are you?? No way, can't be! You don't look it in pictures?????

    1. Actually 5'1" is generous, but it sounds better than 5 feet and 3/4 of an inch :-)

  3. well you can't tell from pics!

    I'm the ginormous 5'10" with massively long arms(maybe that's why I tattoo them ;)) and huge style-less size 11 feet.... UGH!

    1. I like to refer to myself as short and sassy ;-)


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