Playing Cheese-Ball

Me:  "How was school today, zj?"

Zj:  "Oh, it was awesome!  We had a SUBSTITUTE bus driver and she almost forgot to let Amanda off the bus and everybody laughed about it, even the bus driver, but Amanda didn't really laugh though, I think because she thought she would have to go back to school oh and we had gym today and GUESS WHAT?  We got to play CHEESE-BALL!"

Me:  "Oh yeah?  Do you maybe mean t-ball?"

Zj:  "No, Mama, it's CHEESE-BALL.  And here's how it goes.  See, there's this ball, it's a SPHERE, you know, and it's orange, ya know, like cheese.  And you have to catch it, I think, and when you catch it you WIN!  Then after you win, you get to lay down and watch a movie.  Well, I think that's what happens.  Maybe.  Nobody ever actually caught it.  Well, maybe some of the older kids have caught it sometime, but today, nobody in my class caught it."

Me:  "And that's how you play t-ball?  I mean cheese-ball?  Is there anything else to it?"

Zj:  "Mama, what else could there be?  I told you already, you get to LAY DOWN AND WATCH A MOVIE when you win!  That's the best game ever!"

We're not really, ahem, a sports oriented family, I guess...

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  1. Love it so much! Cheese-ball sounds like my kinda game :-)


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