Project potty.

This week I have started to potty train cj.

He is two and a half, and was exhibiting all the signs of readiness, like pretty much insisting on going to the potty himself.

But I kept putting it off.  Mainly because potty training zj ranks in my top 5 worst experiences ever, right up there with major abdominal surgery, going to the gynecologist, and "drop-by" visits from my in-laws.

See, way back then, zj seemed ready, too.  Well, until I actually ASKED him to do it.  Then all bets were off.  There was much yelling, screaming, and crying, and he didn't like it much, either.

More than A FULL YEAR after I started potty training zj, I could call done.  Mostly.  Well, good enough.

I assumed that potty training cj would be a similar experience.  I would have seriously put it off even longer - I mean really, it's not like we actually GO anywhere, and we have three whole years before he starts school, but people were starting to ask me when it was going to happen, and by people, I mean cj.

"Pee potty, Mama?"

"Soon, baby.  Really, really soon."

So I began preparing myself.  I read about a zillion articles on potty training success, then chucked it all and stocked up on Mickey Mouse and Yo Gabba Gabba underpants, paper towels, flushable wipes, tequila (for me) and peanut butter balls (courtesy of my Sis B) for cj.

Two days ago, I started.

And...  it's fine.  Better than fine, really.  It's pretty great.  It works.  And two days in, it's pretty much done.  He has had one accident - ONE - and seems totally on board with the whole thing.

It has been so easy that I'm pretty sure I'm doing it wrong.

Maybe I shouldn't say it out loud, or I'll jinx it.

Actually, forget you just read this.  I don't want to push my luck.


  1. Too funny...I really enjoyed your blog. I thought crazy was only at my house!!!

  2. @BeautifulDees - The crazy seems to be everywhere ;-) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Awesome, so glad it was so easy :) Mine were all that easy but all were 3 or like the last little one, 3.5...... apparently if you make like it's no big deal when and if they train, they will take their own sweet time and FINALLY will decide to do it :-)

    1. You are so right about not making a big deal out of it. Well, unless it takes a YEAR, like my oldest... Then it's pretty hard NOT to make a big deal out of it. But I'm just happy that I'm well on the way to being a diaper free household. I plan to use all the money previously used on diapers for wine.


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