Do you feel like a good cry today?

I'm not a sentimental type.

I don't cry much.

Ok, I almost never cry.

I like to fancy myself a stoic type, very Vulcan-like and unemotional and practical and all that.

My Sis B recently told me that I don't have feelings like a "normal person," like we're experts on THAT or something.


Also, I pretty much never re-post or re-tweet or even watch or look at the sappy sentimental videos and pictures that are all over the internet, and that many people seem to love.

So when I got floored, like absolutely dropping on the ground ugly-crying into my coffee not once but twice by random videos in the past two weeks, I decided I had to share.

You're welcome.

I randomly clicked on this video on Facebook, mainly because it was posted by someone who never posts anything, so I figured it must be at least vaguely interesting.

I have gone back and watched it about a dozen times, and every time I sob hysterically.  At this point, I don't even have to get to the good part before the weird hiccuppy sobs start.

Then this morning I ran across this little gem via Twitter, and clicked it for pretty much the same reason.  Somebody who doesn't post videos put the link out there, so I gave it a quick click.

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

And... cue waterworks.

At this point, I'm afraid I may be getting softer and sentimental in my old age or something.

I may need an intervention, or the next step in this journey of mine may include holiday sweaters that light up and minivan stickers portraying my entire family, including the goldfish.

Somebody save me.



  1. Evil evil evil woman!!!! OMGAWD The old couple!!! bawling like a little girl over here!!!!

  2. If I ever see a pic of you wearing a holiday sweater; or if I should see your car out in the world with those hokey stickers; I hereby promise to facilitate that intervention myself. I can round up a lot of people you know pretty quickly, guilt-trip inducing ultimatum letters in hand. I almost did it with the Crocs. So, don't push it, lady. ;) PS I know you could intervene right back, so I try to behave now. Ha ha.

  3. @Dawn, sadly, my Crocs have demoted to gardening-only status. However, every time I pass a shirt that says "Ho, Ho, Ho!" I feel an odd attraction. I'm not sure if its because I'm becoming more festive or because of bad memories from my misspent youth.


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