You probably would run screaming after 15 minutes.

Last week I saw a bunch of really cool posts linking to A Week in My Life by Adventuroo and I thought about doing it.

For about a minute.

Then, based on the fact that I didn't want to scare either of my readers off, I decided against it.

Truth be told, I'm not sure I want you guys to know what I do all day.  Um... Pinterest, anyone?  Also, since it has a tendency to be a little crazy around here pretty much every flippin' second of evert flippin' day from time to time, I wasn't sure I wanted to broadcast it.  But it kept calling to me.

Do me! Do me!

Oh my god, that was not meant to be as dirty as it sounds.  Really.

Finally I decided that I wouldn't try to do a whole day, just a short little span.

I do this all day long.  Surely you can handle 15 minutes, right?

So here's my Wednesday, from 3:30 pm - 3:45 pm.  Approximately, anyway.

3:30 pm:   Zj is just getting off the bus, and cj (in his stroller) and I are standing at the bus stop to meet him.
3:31 pm:  Still walking home from the bus stop.  Cj is yelling "More sucker me! Peassssee???" and zj is talking a mile a minute.  "And today we had YOGURT BOX for lunch! But I didn't like it.  So I ate some bread that was shaped like a fish.  It's ok, my friend gave it to me.  And guess what, Mama?  Today was HEALTH day!  And we learned about germs and..."
3:32 pm: We arrive home, I get the boys inside, everybody sheds shoes, jackets, backpacks, etc. and zj asks for a snack.  Cj: "NACK! NACK!"
3:33 pm: I procure some chips and salsa, and give it to the boys in the living room.
3:34 pm: The boys seem intent on eating their snack, so I wander off into the library (which is also known as Mama's Naughty Room, because it's where Mama goes when she needs a time out) to screw around on the internet, which I announce to the boys as "Mama is going to the library to do some VERY IMPORTANT WORK."
3:35 pm: Zj yells "Mama!  Cj is DRINKING the SALSA!"  Cj: "MOE SAUCE!  MOE SAUCE!"
3:36 pm: I determined that cj was indeed drinking the salsa.

3:37 pm: Clean up the salsa.  
3:38 pm: Clean up more salsa, which is inexplicably on the underneath side of the ceiling fan.
3:39 pm: I lose sight of zj for a second, then hear him yell from the bathroom "MAMA! Come look at how big this poop is!"
3:40 pm:  I go check on zj.  It is indeed a very large poop.  Lucky for you, I did NOT photograph it, even though zj was heartbroken that I would not.
3:41 pm: Spray some air freshener, then check to see what cj had gotten into. 
3:42 pm: Determine that cj had pulled all the toys off the shelves in his room.  Whew.  I got lucky there.  That, sadly, was the best case scenario.

3:43 pm: Pick up some of the toys, pausing long enough to yell "Zj, stop torturing your brother!" and "Cj, stop licking your brother!  You are not a puppy!"
3:44 pm: I determine that it's nearly 4 o'clock, which is damn close to 5 o'clock, and begin my own cry:


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  1. I think the winery should deliver to you - a case a week would be good. I don't think I could have taken a full day post - I would have laughed until my face hurt!

    Add one more who does nothing but HUM no matter what else is going on around her and throw in a little AAARRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII nnnnnnoooo and your good! :)

    seriously my ears go into meltdown and don't recover until WELL after bedtime!!

  3. @Angie, If they're gonna deliver, maybe they should bring to cases at a time. Ya know, to save on the rising costs of shipping and whatnot.

    @Janet, I'm pretty sure if one of mine starts humming all the time, I will sell him on Craigslist. Or give him away. Whichever is faster.

  4. mj, it's awful! A-W-F-U-L and you can say "Norah if you start humming 1 more time I swear I'm gonna loose it" and 2seconds later, SHE'S DOING IT AGAIN!!!!
    I tell her to STOP every 5min or so or send her to her room and it doesn't stop........
    Steadily loosing my mind and my self control over here is crazyville!!!

  5. You get more done between 3 and 5 than most folks do all day.

  6. But I mean, salsa is good. He kind of has a point.

  7. BOY does this sound familiar. And yes, "MOE SAUCE!!!" ;-)

  8. Lol!!! I resemble that!


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