Things that broke this week.

1.  My car.

2.  My MacBook.

3.  My iPhone.  No picture available because, ya know, I use it to take pictures.

4.  My kid's eye.

5.  My spirit.


  1. I'm so sorry - that's one sucky week. Have a drink and some chocolate and know things WILL get better!

  2. @Angie, aw, thanks. I'm just griping but really it's not all that bad. Most of my broken things are already fixed. Except Zack's eye. That one's gonna take some time to heal ;-)

  3. I sorry, what a BAD, NASTY week! Here's to a new one!

  4. That sounds like a week tequila was invented for. I'm glad things are getting fixed. I hope this week is MUCH better than last!

  5. I'm... I'm so terribly sorry. Just one of those things breaking makes me feel all panicky, so my thoughts are with you! (Especially the macbook - it makes me want to rush home and hold mine close and tell it everything is going to be okay.)

  6. @Janet, so far, things are looking up this week - knocks on imaginary wood.

    @Shannon - Tequila, and wine, and maybe a little bit of beer definitely made a difference in my disposition. But then again, they usually do :-)

    @Megan, this is the second time in 3 months that my Macbook has died on me, and for totally different problems. I think it's trying to break up with me. Do you know if there is a book on how to win your Mac back? Maybe mine is seeing someone else...

  7. Well, given that they now have "Farmville for Dummies", I think your chances of acquiring such a book are better than even. (Or you could get a book on curing Mac addiction...sorry, couldn't resist.)

  8. @Rob, I don't know what you mean. I don't have a problem. I can stop any time. Really. I promise.


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