What we learned this week.

Zj started kindergarten and has just finished up his first full week.

We all survived it, but it's definitely been a learning process.

Who knew kindergarten would be so hard?


  • The Pledge of Allegiance
  • How to spell "red" and "happy"
  • That Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and it has a red spot on it
  • That if you talk too much during lunch time you won't have a chance to eat
  • That if you talk too much during class your teacher will fuss at you
  • That the president lives in the White House
  • That one little kid on your bus kicked another little kid in the nuts last year and now they're not friends
  • That some poisonous animals have poisonous hairs on their butts
  • That schoolwork - including writing your letters and numbers - can be fun
  • That Mama wasn't lying when she said "please" and "thank you" are important
  • That getting up at 6:30 every morning is hard
  • That getting a 5 year old up at 6:30 every morning is hard
  • That it is possible to obsess over kindergarten homework
  • That sometimes your control freak, competitive nature can rear it's head when you least expect it  - see kindergarten homework
  • That I'm gonna take over the PTO next year.  Just you wait.
  • That the week your big kid starts school, your toddler will stop napping and learn to climb out of the baby bed. 
  • That even though the days often seem long, the years are flying by
  • That it will simply not be possible to keep all the worksheets, coloring pages, and art projects that come home.  Even though I want to.
  • That the 5 minutes you leave your two year old alone with crayons without big brother there to tattletale moderate are NOT WORTH IT.
  • That the 5 minutes you leave your two year alone with crayons, your internet will not work.  Guaranteed.
  • That having Mama all to yourself is pretty cool.
  • That if you don't nap, you have more time with Mama.
  • That if Mama's busy trying to do something like, say, eat, and you scream loud enough, she will pick you up eventually
  • That you can now appropriate your brother's toys for long stretches without consequences

Here's to a fabulous week two!

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