We MUST get out more.

So a few weeks ago, zj started school, and that has left cj home with me all day.  Every day.

He's in love with it.

Some days, we do this:

Other days, we do this:

And sometimes, just for fun, we do this:

Oh, and a few times a day when I have to put him down to do something like, oh, say, GO PEE, we do this:

All this newfound togetherness, coupled with the fact that he no longer naps has driven me bat-shit crazy been a bit challenging.

I decided the right course of action would be to take him out into the world occasionally to socialize.   With other people.  Besides me and my lap, where he would happily sit for 14 hours a day if I would let him.

Last week, we went to story time at Barnes & Noble, and he liked it.  Mainly, I think, because he got to sit on my lap the whole time, but still, at least the scenery was different.

This week, I thought we'd repeat the story time experience, and double up with a trip to the kids' play area at the local mall.

We got to the mall early, and were the only people in the play area.  I know playing alone is totally not the point, but I was still relieved.  I like to stake and claim my territory early whenever possible.  

Cj immediately took to this castle/bridge deal, calling it a doghouse.  He crawled around yelling "I A PUPPY!  WOOF! WOOF!" and playing in his doghouse until other kids started to arrive.  At this point, he retreated inside the doghouse, growling and barking if any other kids came near.  

This was cute for about a minute, until I realized he was pretty serious about defending his turf.  Also, the other busybody moms went from smiling at "the cute little puppy" to muttering among themselves.  I caught a few words like "strange" "anti-social" and "feral" before scooping my growling puppy up, slapping his shoes on him and booking it out of the play area.  

"I think we'll find somewhere else to go." 

Cj licked my face and wagged his tail in hearty agreement.

Our next stop was story time at the bookstore.

Since we had done so well there the week before, I wasn't too worried.

Until we sat down among the other story time participants and he began to climb up my person like a spider monkey.  If a spider was the wailing, screeching sort.  Who yelled "Help MomMom!  Help MomMom!" repeatedly and made snot bubbles with his nose.

Story time: exit left.

So home we came, where we spent the afternoon curled up on the bed watching True Blood re-runs on HBO on Demand and eating Ruffles.  

It's ok, though.  I made it a fun learning experience.

Can you say "vampire," baby?



  1. I love it! I've been that mom of a pretend fierce dog. And of the screeching spider monkey. In fact, I think DS's dog stage coincided with DD's spider monkey stage. Oh, the fun memories I've managed to drown with alcohol. Oh, I mean...that I've ummm...Oh never mind. :p

  2. The look on his face in that last pic is the same look I've had on mine the past few episodes of True Blood: WTF? It's a darn shame I sold my dog kennel in the yard sale - sounds like you could have redecorated CJ's room with it :)

  3. @Stacy, I have to blog things as soon as they happen, of the wine will wipe them completely from my memory. Sometimes, that isn't such a bad thing. though...

    @Angie, I'm not sure what's going on with True Blood right now either, but as long as Alcide keeps taking his shirt (&/or pants) off, I'm going to keep watching.

  4. Also, my last comment made me look like an uneducated fool with poor grammar and punctuation skills. Uneducated I'm not.


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