You'll always be my baby.

Dear Cooper,

Happy birthday baby.

I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but you're always going to be Mama's baby.

Whether you're two, or 22, or 52.


My baby.

Except you're not really a baby any more, are you?

Because today, you're two.

Two years ago today, you came into this crazy little family and made it complete.

The first time I held you, I felt... peaceful.

It's been like that ever since.

You're a lot like your Mama sometimes.

It takes you a while to warm up to new people and situations.

I know a little about that.

You are content for hours playing by yourself, with your cows, or your cars.

I know a little about that.

You've never met a meal you didn't like.

I know a LOT about that.

You know the Dora theme song, the Spongebob theme song and can hum the Batman theme as well.

You can correctly identify most major superheroes, both Marvel and DC.

Mama's so proud.

I think when you grow up you'll be a great chef, or maybe a farmer.

You have decided to start potty training yourself.

Thanks, I think.

Your dimple is killer.

You are easy.

You're easy to take care of, easy to please and easy to love.

Our high-strung, high-maintenance family needed somebody like that.

You love your big brother with a fierceness that astounds me, and him.

Picking you up out of bed every morning, hearing you say "Hi Mama!" and feeling you wrap your tiny little arms around me for a great big squeezy-hug is the highlight of my day.

You call all the men you meet "Dada" and wave at them with this crazy back and forth wave that makes people laugh.

When someone is leaving, you yell "BYE BYE!  HAVE A NICE DAY!"

When I look into your big brown eyes, I see intelligence, and patience, and love.

It's been a great two years, Little Bit.

I can't wait to see what comes next.

Happy Birthday.

Mama loves you very much.

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