Free Shipping!! Limited Time only!!

After working a retail job for 17 years or so, I'll be the first one to tell you that online shopping is the way to go.

No long lines.

No impatient shoppers.

No cranky retail clerks who have been dealing with long lines and impatient shoppers.

I did 75% of my Christmas shopping online last year.  I do 75% of my clothes shopping, both for me and the boys, online as well.  Ditto household decor and pretty much anything else I can.

It's just so mush easier, especially since I'm sitting in front of my computer all the time anyway.

But that's another story.

So anyway, as I hove done more online shopping, I have gotten a bit savvier? more savvy?   better at it.

Nearly every major (and even most minor) online retailers offer an option for a coupon code at checkout.  Some places, like Kohl's and Old Navy even offer the option of stackable codes, which means that you can use more that one discount on the same purchase.

Oh gosh darn, I don't have that nifty code, I'll bet you're thinking.

Too bad.  Sucks to be you.

Or wait, you could just go to my new favorite site - RetailMeNot, type in the name of the online retailer you are planning to use, and get a code for free shipping, a percentage off your purchase, or specials on specific items.

I know, it sort of seems like cheating.

I worked through that issue and decided that retailers must know this is happening, ergo, it is ok.

There are a lot of other sites that offer coupon codes, but RetailMeNot is my favorite.  But if they don't have a code for the online retailer you're looking for, try one of these sites:

Coupon Album
Coupon Craze
Coupon Cabin
Current Codes
Coupon Mountain

There are a million more sites like this, but I've found these to be more reliable than some of the others.  A word of caution, though, be careful of the sites that only offer click-throughs promising discounts.  If you can't copy and paste the code yourself, you might want to skip it.

That's it for today.  Next time, I'm going to validate your Facebook addiction.

You're welcome.

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  1. I love retailmenot! Couponcabin is my second choice :)

    And I completely need Facebook justification so start blogging !!!


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