Facebook - it's not just for stalking your high school crushes anymore.

Ok, so the next time your significant other is all like "What are you doing on the computer?" and you're all like "I'm just checking Facebook" and he's all like "Again? Really?  Are you leaving flirty messages on that bald guy's Wall again?  Get off the *)#&$( computer and do some *(#$(* laundry or something" and you're all like "Seriously?! You think I'm going to do your laundry now, you &*#*&" and he's all like "Well, you better" and you're all like "I want a divorce" and he's all like "Fine, I don't like your new haircut anyway, and your a$$ is the size of a house" and you're all like "Well, I've been sleeping with the mailman" and he's all like "The mailman is 80 years old" and you're all like "Well, at least he UNDERSTANDS me" and he's all like "What are we fighting about again?" and you're all like "Facebook" and he's all like "Oh, right," instead, you can say, "I'm on Facebook so I can save our family a bunch of money, darling" and he'll be all like "Oh, what a lucky man I am!  You are the sun, and the moon, and the stars. You complete me."  I'm saving relationships here, people.

Or whatever.

But there really is a point to this.  There are ways to make your constant refreshing of your News Feed daily Facebook check-in work for you, and to save you a little money to boot.

For a long time, I only used Facebook to stalk the mean girls from high school and to take secret joy in how miserable they had all become to catch up with old acquaintances.  It was fun for about a minute.

And then I realized there was a whole other (another whole? - I can never remember) use for it.  I began to "Like" some of my favorite businesses and brands, and - AMAZING! - I began to get notifications of sales, deals, coupons, and free samples, right there on my Facebook wall, right between the pictures of somebody's kid and the rants about someone else's politics.

After a lot of trial and error, and Liking and then Unliking? Disliking? many, many, many things, here are a few of the things that I have found to be the most beneficial.  Go Like these things right now.  Thank you.

Hip2Save - From the website of the same name, the Facebook feed is flippin' awesome.  Every day, I get dozens of of links from them to high value coupons, free samples, great online deals and more.  It's a great smattering of things, and most days I use at least a few of the deals they offer up.  I have been signing up for a lot of the free samples listed here lately, and when the samples arrive, they are almost always accompanied by a high dollar value coupon.  Score!

Southern Savers - Dedicated to saving money specifically on grocery/household items, Southern Savers focuses on retailers in... the South.  Although I don't have access to all the stores featured, I do regularly find deals and coupons on things I can use at Kroger and Food Lion, and they also offer a lot of links to free samples.  

Living Rich With Coupons Another great grocery/sample/deal site, this Facebook page is quite a bit more interactive.  Submit deals yourself to share with others, or follow the step by step instructions about how to save big with combinations of coupons, sales, rewards, etc.  

Also, don't forget to go Like the the individual pages of grocery items, retailers, and household items you use regularly.  By doing that, I have scored free fries from Wendy's, free shipping AND 20% off from Kohl's, and a coupon for free chips from Ruffles.  Other great things I've snagged via Facebook include buy one get one coupons from vitaminwater and some free batteries from Energizer.  And that's just the stuff I can remember :)

So go forth on Facebook and Like the hell out of all the stuff that you, well, like.  

It will probably save your marriage.

Next time, I'll help your Twitter addiction become a money-making venture.

Disclaimer: No conversation like the one above has ever taken place at 154 Hidden Court.  But I hear things, ya know, because I live in the world.

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