Dude. I'm guessing she gave you a fake name, too.

The other day, I remember it well, it was a Sunday morning,  my cell phone rang, and the number that popped up on the caller ID was not one I recognized.

So I ignored it.

Because that's how I roll.

A few minutes later, it rang again.

I ignored it, again.

This went on throughout the morning, with increasing intensity.

After a while, I got a text message.  It read, "Its mitch i guess my keys slipped out in ur house call me back and let me no."

Oh, poor Mitch.

The scenario, at least part of it, became clear to me pretty quickly.

I saw a random hookup on a Saturday night.

I saw a  girl give the guy the wrong number as she pushed him out the door, promising all the while they could get together again really soon, like maybe next weekend.

I saw a drunk-ish guy walking somewhere, maybe a buddy's house, maybe somewhere to catch a ride.

I saw the guy get pissed off when he realized he left his keys there.

I actually did see all the phone calls he made to the number the girl gave him when he realized his keys were in her house, probably across town.

I felt bad for Mitch.

So I texted him back.

"Hi Mitch.  You have the wrong number.  Sorry."

And I never heard from him again.

But I didn't delete the text from my phone, and I've wondered about poor Mitch from time to time.  Did he ever get his keys back?  Did the girl reconsider and look him up later?

Maybe someday I'll text him just to check in and see how things are going.

And then again, maybe I won't.

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