Hey, remember that time I went to hair school?

Ok, not really.

OBVIOUSLY not really.

See, there are some big changes coming to the J household (more on that later), and for now one of my primary goals is to live cheap.

Real cheap.

Like, Ramen noodles and vinegar instead of Windex cheap.

So, one of the first places I saw a need to trim (ha, ha - God, I'm funny) was in the boys' haircut department.

As you may remember, I make hairy babies. I have, quite unskillfully, been cutting cj's hair since the beginning. Zj, however, has only known the barber's gentle love.

Until now.

See, here's how it went down.

Zj really, really, really needed a haircut.


And I decided I would give him a little trim myself.

I might have mentioned before, zj is somewhat high spirited, and perhaps just a bit active.  Just a bit.


What was meant to be a bit of a trim ended up like this:

RJ may or may not be speaking to me at this point.

Hair is important to him, you know.

But I saved $10.

And it will grow back.


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