Thanks for the update. I hadn't really noticed.

My family is known for making hairy babies.  We're not talking the sweet , nearly transparent peach-fuzz like hair most babies have.  No, these babies come out with hair of Chewbaca-like proportions.  This extends to nieces, cousins, etc.  But when you add in my pseudo-Asian husband with his pseudo-black hair, this hair is a sight to behold.

Both my boys were born with a head full of black hair.   Since I had a c-section with both, I was lying there, strapped to the table, no feeling whatsoever in my body, wondering if I had birthed puppies or perhaps Tribbles, because all the nurses were talking about was "all that hair."

My favorite part of this is the reaction I get from strangers, and from people who aren't aware of the werewolf curse of my family.  Everyone likes to look at cute babies, and a comment is always in order when you see one.  Some of my favorite lies lines to new parents are "Oh, what a cute hat!" and "Doesn't she look just like you!?!"  Both of these come across as a compliment, even if you can't tell butt from face, and are noncommittal enough, but still specific enough to qualify as new-Mommy crack.  However, the only thing anyone, and I do mean anyone, has ever said about my boys is, and I quote, "That baby sure does have a lot of hair."

I have heard this line, verbatim, from strangers in the grocery store, cashiers, servers, co-workers, doctors, lawyers and indian chiefs.  My response is usually a slightly embarrassed, self-conscious laugh, followed by a "Thanks?"  or a "Yeah."  However, in my head, my Dr. House-like, ever witty alter ego is thinking, "Thanks for the update.  In the past few months of round the clock feeding, changing diapers, bathing and clothing him, I hadn't really noticed.  But you, Captain Obvious, have made it all clear to me.  My baby has a lot of hair.  How could I have missed it?"

Of course, I never really say that.  Except that once.  But that's a story for another post, the one called "My Latest Black Eye."

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