This sort of sums up the state of repairs at 154 Hidden Court right now.

Here's my current around the house to-do list, in no particular order.  The chance of cj getting his "E" fixed any time soon is doubtful.

  • Pressure wash the house.
  • Paint the back deck.
  • Paint the front.
  • Repair the ceiling where it was raining inside a while ago.
  • Tile behind my oven.
  • Repaint my living room.
  • Plant something, anything in the barren, rocky patch I so industriously tilled up last fall.
  • Clean the carpet in zj's room.
  • Finish the really cool tap handle holder I started some time last year
  • Look more closely into the possibility of pulling the carpet up off the stairs and laying hardwood risers on them.
  • Repaint the kitchen.
Crazy thing is, I really do like this kind of stuff.  But unfortunately, laundry keeps taking priority.  Over and over and over.  Are there disposable clothes out there?  Cause that would help.

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