Random Christmas craziness, a photo essay. Because I'm too tired for words.

Christmas came and Christmas went.  Here's a recap:

Ironman the elf came for one last hurrah.

Note the fantastic Christmas morning hair on cj.

Cj was mainly confused by everything.

The wild present-opening began, and superheroes were this year's theme.  Imagine that.

Note the mad present-opening skills.  In this particular instance, all the limbs were necessary, even the legs.

The wild-eyed look began somewhere around 8am and lasted well into the night.

My niece K seemed to enjoy her presents, but I wouldn't really know, since she doesn't speak to me.

Nephew J messed with random gadgets most of the day.

Mama really, really, really just wanted to go home.  As soon as possible, presents be damned.

Aunt B didn't look away from the camera quickly enough, and GASP! It's an honest to goodness smile!

Aunt S sort of lurked around behind the columns.

The monkey suit was a huge hit, and left brown fur all over my house.  It has since been "retired."

Christmas with RJ's family was celebrated a few days later.  Aunt A and Baby B were looking very cute.  Baby B is asian.  My children are not.  I am exceptionally bitter about this, and blame RJ's weak genes.

All the J grandkids lined up in a row.

This was taken right after Uncle G dropped zj on his head.  Don't worry, the floor's ok.

Grandpa and Grandma J with cj.

Aunt A and Uncle G got zj not one, but two lovely swords.  Paybacks are hell, guys.

All my boys, intently focused on something.  I'm not sure what.

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  1. aunt b isn't very happy about seeing her picture posted here.


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