Hello, my name is mj, and I am addicted to trashy vampire books.

In the retail book world where I spend most of my time, I have seen many trends come, and many trends go.  Most recently and most disturbingly, there has been quite a trend toward books in which vampires are real and most nearly always quite sexy and then, even though most of them are hundreds, even thousands of years old, these vampires fall in love with insipid high school girls and then gaze longingly at them without doing anything, you know, untoward.

Well, that's what got it all started, anyway.

I tried to like Twilight.  I read the first 10 or so chapters, and besides the general overall feel of ANGST, the thing that bothered me the most was the Ms. Meyer, esteemed author, SPLIT. INFINITIVES.  All over the place.  I just can't stand a split infinitive, can you?

Well, the bandwagon was large, and suddenly the new trend was "vampire romance" novels, the plot of which involved having sex with vampires.  Yuck.  I'm not on board with that one, either.

For years, I avoided the vampire books like the plague.  I felt quite above all that hoopla, and every time someone asked me if I'd read one of them, I answered something along the lines of "Oh, I TRIED to read Twilight, but it's just not my thing."  All the while, I felt quite self-righteous and smug because for goodness sake, I read better stuff than books about women who can't find a live man to fall in love with.

Fast forward.

For Christmas, RJ got me this really cool gadget known as a nook.  I love it.  I can put 1,500 books on it at a time, and it's easy to take with me, and easy to read, and although I am not a paid spokesperson, I'm just a real user, I think it's the coolest gadget on the market now. If anyone out there is reading this and would like for me to become a paid spokesperson, CALL ME!!!! 

Anyway, I handed it off to RJ to download some books for me, and on a whim, I included the Charlaine Harris True Blood series on the list.

Ok, about 20 pages into the first book, I was hooked.

I feel like I'm telling a dirty secret here.  For years I have deliberately made fun of avoided these kinds of books, and now, somewhere in the middle of book 5, I am getting panicky about what I will read when all these are - GASP! - gone.

Is there a support group for vampire lovers?

Hi, my name is mj, and I am addicted to trashy vampire books.

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