Zj's Letter to Santa, In It's Entirety.

Dear Santa,

I love you Santa Claus and everybody else and I want to have some more blocksand X-Mens so I can play with them all.

I wish I may I wish I might see some fireworks tonight.  Four fireworks please.

I wish Mama had a cool new vacuum cleaner.  I wish Daddy could have a great big hammer.

I wish Cooper could have a different Spike like mine.

Please come to my home and I wish I had a great new tv set with three screens, one up and two on the bottom.

I was a good boy.  I was only naughty one time.

Santa, do you like milk & cookies?  If you want any lunch come and get it at our house.

Goodbye Santa.

Come to our house when I go to sleep.  I will look at your reindeer out the window.

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