Wild rumpus - $37. Going to the potty - priceless.

RJ and I decided that is was time for zj to see a real movie, in a real theatre.  So on Sunday afternoon, Aunt B (no, not THAT Aunt B) came over to sit with cj, and off we went on a stress-filled, whiney, more-trouble-than-it-was-worth magical adventure to see Where the Wild Things Are. We arrived at the theatre, paid way too much to get in, paid way too much for popcorn, (but I did have the foresight to sneak the M&Ms in), and got good seats.  The movie started with only one trailer to watch, and the wild rumpus was on.

Since he was an itty-bitty, zj has LOVED the bookso it seems like not much of a stretch that he would also love the movie, right?  RIGHT?

About 10 minutes, he began to stage whisper, loudly, "Is it over yet?"  This reminds me of the time Aunt B & I took Mama to see Batman, but that's another story altogether...

So, anyway, about 15 minutes in, zj realized that the only way that moving around would be acceptable would be if there were a destination, if you will, in mind.

"Daddy, I have to go to the POTTY."

After several potty breaks, and approximately 1 hour into the movie, this is what happened:

Well, I enjoyed it, anyway.

So, movie over, and RJ carried zj out to the car.  While being buckled in zj woke up, and resumed his conversation mid-sentence.  To distract him, I asked him what his favorite part of the movie was.




"Well, I liked going to the potty."

The end.

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  1. In z's defense, he did rush to me when he got home and said the movie was bantastic, and later described it as totally cool.

    Was he talking about the potty?


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