I'm a SuperStah!

O. M. G.

Mo from Momfeld has bestowed this prestigious honor on me.  I haven't been following Mo long, but when I ran across a post or another of hers a while back, I knew right away she was my people.  Snarky sense of humor: check.  Ability to make me think: check.  Ability to make me laugh out loud: check.  Yep, my people.

Anyway, she gave me this award, and while I'm thrilled to accept it, I did want to know where it came from.

 So I started to trace it back.  (I'm an ISTJ, remember? I can't help myself.) 

So anyway, here's what I found:

Mo got the award from Life Breath Present who got it from Alphabet Salad who got it from joyofnine9 who got it from Good Time Stories who got it from The Always Believer who got it from Belsbror who got it from Kintal who got it from Radical who got it from Twinkling Star who got it from... I don't know.  The trail grows cold there, but that's ok.  So did my attention span.

So anyway, without further delay, here are the questions that I need to answer in order to accept my Emmy... er, whatever.

What is the funniest thing about you?  Well, I'm a bit of a smart aleck, and I consider myself very observant.  As a result, I have a running commentary about the world going on in my head ALL THE TIME about what's happening around me.  This means that I often laugh out loud at totally inappropriate times.  Honestly, I think I'm the funniest person I know, but most of it stays in my head, where it rightfully belongs.  

Who is your favorite personality?  Hmmm.  I don't really do "personalities." But I like people who make me laugh.  And I love snarky people.  Ok, I've go it!  Robert Downy, Jr.  In addition to being IronMan (big win!) he is so full of himself sometimes that you can't help but laugh at him. 

What is your lucky thing?  I don't really have a lucky thing, although I consider myself to be a person who has a lot of luck.  A great deal of it is bad, though.  That still counts, right?

What is your favorite weather?  SPRING!!!!  Is it spring yet?  Seventy degrees, sunny and with a slight breeze ruffling the leaves is really the only weather I adore.  Here in Kentucky we get that for approximately three hours every year before the humidity sets in to stay.  By the way, this has been the longest winter of my life.  Is it spring yet?

A name that you want to give me.  A name for Mo?  Let's see.  "Authentic."  I think Mo is one of those people that you could sit down to have a cup of coffee with and she would be EXACTLY the same in real life as she is on her blog. That's incredibly brave and it's something I strive to do more of every single time I write.

There you have it!  My acceptance of this fabulous award is now complete.

And for my nomination, I nominate...


Yes, YOU!  Stop looking around behind you.  I'm talking to YOU!  

Go forth, write yourself a post and answer these questions as you see fit.

I think that anyone who shares pieces and parts of herself on the internet day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year deserves to be commended and called out for it.

YOU are a superstar! 

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