Vine: My latest social media obsession.

Really it's no secret that I probably ok, ok, DEFINITELY spend too much time online messing with social media.

"But all my friends live there," she whines."

Also, since R and I bit the bullet and got iPhones a few years back - something we both SWORE we didn't want and wouldn't do, by the way - it's POSSIBLE  that MAYBE I spend just a LITTLE too much time with it.

Oh, who the hell am I trying to kid?  My iPhone and I?  We're besties.  We're inseparable.  We're soul mates.  You won't get it away from me until you pry it from my cold, dead hands.  And even then, I'm planning to try to hold on to it so I can take it with me into the afterlife.

Heaven without my iPhone sounds a little too much like the other place, if you know what I mean.

So anyway, I'm now freely admitting to you that I know I have a problem.

"Hi, I'm mj, and I'm addicted to my phone."

"HI MJ!"

You would think that knowing is half the battle, and that I would limit myself, especially when it comes to getting addicted to new, interesting time-suckers.

But no, I'm not strong enough for that.

I first heard about vine on my Instagram feed, where all my bloggy friends were joking that they had crashed this new video app.  Ok, really, most of the people I follow aren't really my friends.  I just kind of stalk them a little bit.  They don't seem to mind, though.  Really.  I've only been blocked by a FEW of them.


I immediately downloaded it.

Because, you know, all the cool kids were doing it.


But for real, it's cool.  It allows you to record video snippets that are a maximum of six seconds each.  You can either record it all at once, or you can start and stop, start and stop, start and stop, as many times as you want for the entire six seconds.


Here's Cooper ready to blast off in his cardboard box rocket ship.

An impromptu storytime led by Zachary.

Some semi-impressive flying side kicks.

And this?  This is proof that my drinking is totally justified.

So yeah.  Now in addition to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, I've got yet another time-waster to enjoy.

And I highly recommend it.

Seriously, go download it.

Oh, and don't forget to follow me :) 

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